Marble is one of the most exquisite natural flooring materials you can choose for your home. While a lot of people associate marble with renaissance art, marble is now considered a familiar option for contemporary home designs. You can quickly tell marble apart from the other types of natural stone, mainly because of the veins on the floor surface.

Suppose you are thinking about getting a flooring material that will give you that rustic look and a touch of elegance, consider marble. Here are four frequently asked questions to help you understand the flooring material.

How Can You Tell Your Marble Tiles Are Good In Quality?

Start by checking the gauge on the tiles. Ensure that the corners are perfectly square and that the tiles have a flat back. Also, natural marble in its best state comes in a variety of shades. You can also request the person installing them to lay them out beforehand and decide on the perfect fit.

Where Can You Install Marble Tiles in the Home?

Marble tiles can add character and style to any part of the home, like the foyer, the kitchen, bathroom, or hallways. You can also use the materials for the kitchen backsplashes and the countertops. If you live in mild climates where it snows less and the heat from the sun is moderate, you can even use marble for the outdoors. The essential thing is to ensure that the tiles get appropriately sealed to protect them from water damage.

Are Marble Tiles Durable?

Flooring the interior or exterior of your home is a project that costs a lot of money. Therefore, you need to ensure that you invest in a flooring material that will last for a long time because that gives you value for your money. When you maintain marble properly and protect the marble from stains and other corrosive substances, you will enjoy this flooring for more than a decade. Remember to reseal the surface every year to keep the contaminants away from tiles.

Can Marble Get Repaired After Damage?

You can use epoxy glue or filler to repair damaged and cracked marble. However, consult a professional before doing any repairs. The professionals will guide you on the best materials to use.

The crucial thing is to source your marble from trusted sources and get a professional person to handle the installation process. With their help, you will get an elegant floor that will last for decades. Contact marble flooring contractors to begin the process.