Hardwood floors are a fantastic addition to any home. They are naturally beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. However, before you arrange for hardwood floor installation at your place, there are a number of factors to consider so that you choose the ideal floor for you. These four tips will help you make the correct decision about hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Floor Type

There are different types of wood used to make hardwood floors and each one has a different level of durability. For example, natural solid wood floors, laminated hardwood floors, and engineered wood floors are all types of hardwood flooring. Each one has its own pros and cons with regards to cleaning, ease of installation, and durability against the daily rigors of family life. Make sure you discuss your family dynamics (for example pets and children) with the flooring specialist so that you get a product that perfectly suits your home.


Before choosing a hardwood floor, consider what color you would like your floor to be. The lighter the floor wood is, the more light it reflects in your home. However, for busy homes filled with pets and children, darker wood color is worthy of consideration because it hides more dirt. Talk to the supplier about what color choices you have.

Remove Existing Flooring OrChoose Floating?

Before the hardwood floor installation happens you need to decide what to do with your existing floor. There is the floating option where the new floor is laid directly over the old one or you can remove the existing floor and replace it. If you chose to remove the existing floor, there will be no difference in the height of the floor. This is important if you have concerns about the new floor impeding door movements. Removal of the existing floor takes time so needs to be done well before the new floor is installed.

Maintenance Needs

Before you make a final decision about which hardwood floor to install, ask the supplier about its maintenance needs. Some floors can be steam mopped while others cannot. Some floors need annual resealing. Find out how much maintenance is involved so you are not left with any surprises after installation.

Use these points to help you decide which hardwood floor is best for your home. Once that choice has been made, then you can get the installation booked in and your home ready to receive an uplifting new look.

Reach out to a hardwood floor installation service in your area to learn more.