An epoxy coating can be a great way to strengthen a garage floor and lengthen its lifespan. However, there are numerous factors you need to take into account to have the optimal coating put on your garage floor.

The following are six key factors when you have an epoxy coating applied to your garage floor. 

The surface material the coating will be applied to

An epoxy coating can be used to fortify many different types of garage floor surfaces. These include wood and metal garage subflooring. However, the type of epoxy chosen needs to be compatible with the epoxy coating formulation that's being used. 

The necessary surface preparation tasks

A garage surface needs to be prepared properly to ensure the best possible performance of an epoxy coating. Preparing the garage surface involves ensuring that it is adequately dry. It is often necessary to have a moisture test performed to make sure that the presence of moisture won't compromise the integrity of an epoxy coating or prevent proper curing after application. 

The appearance of the resulting epoxy coating

A lot of property owners assume that an epoxy coating will look industrial and unappealing. However, this doesn't have to be the case. There are epoxy coatings out there that come in a wide variety of colors. There are also coatings that can provide certain visual effects like a metallic sheen. Make sure you consider all the aesthetic possibilities if the appearance of your garage floor is important to you. 

The demands placed on the garage surface

Moisture exposure, vehicle traffic, and automobile fluid leaks are very hard on a garage surface. If your garage surface is exposed to heavy usage and demands, it's especially important to invest in a highly durable epoxy coating.

One of the most durable epoxy coatings out there is a two-part epoxy floor coating. This type of coating is more durable because it involves mixing a catalyst hardener agent into the resin itself. Make sure you research coating options in terms of their durability to find a coating that's strong enough for the demands placed on your garage floor. 

The grade of the epoxy being used

Different grades of epoxy offer different strength levels. If you're looking for one of the stronger epoxy coatings out there, look for a coating that is made of flexible-grade epoxy. This type of epoxy is going to offer greater strength than an epoxy coating that is labeled as "rigid." Flexible grade epoxies are especially strong when it comes to their ability to resist damage from abrasion. 

The amount of time necessary to cure the epoxy coating

Applying an epoxy coating to a garage floor usually requires the floor surface to be out of service for a day or more. This means you need to schedule coating application for a time when you can forego the use of the garage surface for an extended period of time. 

Talk to a flooring professional to learn more about garage floor epoxy.