For many years, laminate has been thought of as a cheaper, more convenient alternative to authentic wood floors. Because they're manufactured and easily installed by snapping panels together, these "floating floors" have enabled homeowners to save money while exploring many different designs. However, your laminate floors can grow rather stale if you don't future-proof them. Future-proofing means staying on top of the latest trends so that your guests and family don't feel as if they're settling for the "more affordable" option. You can still make your laminate floors appear elegant and exciting in the home. Here are some top trends to explore for 2020 as you work towards this goal.   

Custom image designs

In this new decade, it's time to replace your old flooring with new designs that better emulate your personality. While wood and natural stone are best known for adding a personal touch, you can do even more with laminate. This flooring material is manufactured by pressing different layers into one sturdy panel. In-between these layers, you can incorporate numerous designs that add flavor to any space. From images of family members to team logos and the look of natural wood, 2020 gives you even more options to customize your laminate floors. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold designs that you've never thought of before.  

Waterproof laminate floors

Laminate has never been known for excellent water resistance. In fact, it allows water to pass through and warp the floor boards in the case of poor maintenance. Without a robust waterproof layer, you may need to replace your laminate floors in cases of flooding or other water damage. But the nightmare of water damage to laminate will pass during this new decade. Indeed, laminate floors are being designed to be 100% waterproof. Not only can you enjoy the same type of flooring in your entire home, but you can also coordinate designs from the kitchen to the living room and the bathroom as well.  

Rustic and whitewashed laminate

Another knock against laminate flooring was that it could be too simplistic to achieve complex themes. Rustic and whitewashed floors were particularly challenging to achieve using laminate, until now. Manufacturers can now hand scrape laminate panels to give them both a look and feel of authentic hardwood. This is more authentic than etching via a machine, and you can achieve different textures and whitewash shades. Hand scraping also allows you to achieve the classic long and ingrained scrapes of rustic floors, but with multiple finishing options and at a more affordable cost.