Choosing the flooring used in a school can be a big job. Many people don't give much thought to the flooring that their kids are walking on each day while they're at school, but there's actually quite a bit that goes into choosing the flooring for a school.

Different Rooms Mean Different Flooring

Since schools are basically small communities in one building, there's going to be a need for different types of flooring. The gym typically has a wood floor, but the rest of the school has numerous options to consider.

One example is the cafeteria. The cafeteria can be a dangerous place for kids if the flooring that's been laid isn't safe. Rubber tiles are being used in cafeterias now because they are capable of repelling grease and oil. This reduces the chance of slip and fall injuries.

Care and Maintenance

Most schools don't have the budget to spend a lot of money maintaining the flooring, so it's important that schools find flooring that won't require a whole lot of work or money to take care of it.

Vinyl composition tile is a great option for schools on a budget. This is a less-expensive option that is durable, long-lasting, and doesn't cost a fortune to maintain. The flooring will need to be waxed from time to time, but compared to what it would cost to maintain the other options, like tile, it won't break the bank.

Adhesive Selection

Since there are so many kids coming in and out of the school each day, each having their own allergies and sensitivities, it's important that the adhesive used to install the flooring is safe. Flooring adhesive used in schools should have no or low VOCs or LEED compliance. This will protect the quality of air within the building.

Sound Control

There may be some areas within the school that need some sound control. In these spaces, carpeting may be an option. Carpeting is a great choice for areas within the school that the kids will be spending time sitting on the floor. It will keep them warmer and more comfortable as their stories are read to them each day while cutting down on the echoes of their little voices coming together as one.

Talk with the school flooring professional near you. He or she will assist you in choosing the flooring that will meet the needs of each area of the school.