Laminate flooring must be protected from moisture. Once the flooring is exposed to moisture and allowed to be soaked up through the boards, the boards can become warped. If you have laminate flooring in your home, these answers to frequently asked questions can help you keep your floors clean without allowing them to become warped.

Can you mop laminate flooring?

You can wet mop laminate flooring provided that you use the proper mopping tool. Whatever mop you use cannot soak up a lot of water and then redistribute that water on the floor. For example, traditional string mops should not be used to wet mop a laminate floor. You can use a microfiber mop, or a sponge mop, provided that you keep the surface just damp enough to wipe down the floor, without leaving the floor covered in streaks.

To do this, dampen the mop by spraying it with a cleaning solution rather than dipping the entire mop in soapy water. When mopping the floors, you'll need to scrub hard at stuck-on grubby areas in order to get the surface clean.

In addition to wet mopping, you can--and should--dry mop on a daily basis. To do this, run a dry microfiber mop over the entire floor, stopping periodically to remove dust and hair from the head of the mop. If the dirt becomes caked onto the mop, stop to shake it over a garbage can periodically, then keep going. Keep a couple dry mop heads on hand, so you can change the older one out for the new one when the old one becomes too dirty to pick up dust anymore. When mopping, keep the mop moving in the direction of the boards so the mop picks up any grime in the space in between boards.

What kind of cleaning product should you use when mopping the floors?

You can read the instructions that come with the boards and use the manufacturer's recommended cleaning product, or you can simply use a combination of vinegar and water. 

On a side note, if you're thinking about having laminate floors installed in your home, you should always check the warranty to find out if they specify what cleaning tools and methods are safe for use on your floors. Using a method that goes against the warranty can result in damage to your floors and an invalidation of your warranty. For more information, contact the laminate flooring company that installed your boards. This will help ensure that your laminate floors are safe from moisture damage.