Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable, but they can be damaged under certain circumstances. Whether it is from excessive moisture that has caused the wood to crack or warp, or a serious ding from a fallen object, a damaged piece of your hardwood flooring can be unsightly. Fortunately, smaller damages are simple to repair and there are a few different methods you can use to fix them. Here are some ways to repair your damaged piece of hardwood floor.

Filling a Split

If you notice a piece of your hardwood floors has split, you can use a special epoxy wood filler to put in the crack. Make sure the epoxy you choose closely matches your current floor color as much as possible. This material cannot be stained to match, so selecting the right color is crucial. When you apply the filler, use a trowel and squeeze it into the crack as much as possible. Then, smooth it down using a putty knife until it is even. Once it dries, you can sand any excess down to make it level with the floor. Brush a coat of clear finish over the filled area and it should look as good as new.

Replacing a Board

If you have a board that is damaged more severely, it may need to be replaced. This method requires more work and precision. First, set your circular saw's depth to the thickness of a common floor board, which is about 3/4 of an inch. Then, cut two even parallel lines across the damaged board about one inch apart. Make sure your cut reaches both ends of the board, and then remove it carefully using a hammer and chisel. Make sure all debris is fully removed before you install the new piece of hardwood. Measure the length and width of the newly made gap and cut the replacement board to size. Cut off the tongue end of the board and apply carpenter's glue thoroughly to the underside of the groove. Carefully place the replacement piece into the hole, fitting the grooved end around the tongue end of the board. Keep the piece held down with a weighted object until the glue has completely set. With a little bit of patience, a steady hand, and some careful planning, you should be able to fix your damaged hardwood floor and make it look new again without having to replace too much of it.

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