If you have concrete floors, you can make them last and look amazing at the same time. A stain can give your concrete floors the beautiful look you have always wanted while protecting them from wear and tear. Here are three reasons to stain your concrete floors.

Beautify your concrete

The possibilities are endless when you choose to stain your concrete floors for a more beautiful appearance. You can stain them a single hue that blends and contrasts for a marbled effect, or you can go with a multi-color design that impresses your guests and enhances your home's beauty. You can even have designs stamped into your concrete in floral designs or checkers to give your flooring a truly unique look. Designs you can consider include:

  • acid application for a marbled appearance
  • brick or rock design
  • borders
  • squares in a few contrasting tones, such as peach, royal purple, and turquoise.

Long-lasting appeal

An acid concrete stain can help your concrete resist cracking, stains, and chipping from normal walking and everyday use. If your main goal is to keep the surface from getting damaged over the years, concrete staining is ideal for a garage or walkway. With a floor finish or wax seal, your concrete floor can even be waterproof, which is beneficial to protecting this porous surface over time. If staining a concrete floor in your basement, consult with a flooring expert to see if any additional application is needed to make sure your flooring results last since basements often contain more moisture than other areas of the home.

Easy maintenance

 Minimal maintenance is required to maintain your stained concrete flooring. When you do wax or finish your flooring surface, lightly buff the area first so every protecting application has shiny and even appearance after completion. As a general rule, you should apply a wax or floor finish to your stained concrete every 1 to 2 years. As long as you wax or apply a floor finish to your stained concrete floors when you notice the surface becoming dull or scratched, the results can last a very long time.

Staining your concrete floors gives you the protection you need for this kind of surface while achieving a decorative appeal you desire. A flooring expert can walk you through the many designs and applications of residential concrete stain available, so your floors remain lustrous, beautiful, and fully protected over the years. If you want to cover your concrete floors, consider staining them to achieve great results.