Installing hardwood floors in your home is a great home remodel solution. If you are looking for the cheapest hardwood floors, you should buy prefabricated floors. These are cheaper and easier to install than custom hardwood floors. This article will explain how you can install prefabricated floors even if you have little or no construction know how.

Tongue and Groove Systems

When shopping for an easy to install hardwood floor system look for a product that is built with tongue and groove technology. Each plank will have a tongue on one side and groove on the other. The piece can usually snap right together, or they might need to be gently hit with a mallet to make them snug. This means that the pieces are attached to each other without any fasteners or glue. In fact, the planks do not even need to be fastened to the floor beneath. One great benefit of this is that you can easily change your floor whenever you want.

Cutting the Planks to Length

Wherever the planks meet the edge of the wall or a carpet line, you will have to cut them to length. Some people try to do this with a handheld skill saw. However, this is not the best way to get accurate, clean cuts. You will get much better results if you rent or buy a compound miter saw. These saws are stationary, but they can turn to cut angles up to 60 degrees. This is important if you have curved or angled walls in your home. With a miter saw you can set up a cutting station near the room you are working on. A good way to get the job done quickly is to have one worker on the floor taking measurements and another operating the saw, making the cuts. This makes it so the person on the floors does not need to get up between each cut.

Finishing Off the Edges

The hardest part of installing hardwood floors is finishing off the edges. You need to cut the edges perfectly so they are hidden by the baseboard. It is easier if you tear out your old baseboard before you start the floor installation. After the hardwood is laid, you can install a new baseboard. With new floors and new baseboards, your rooms will look much more dynamic.

Prefabricated floors are a great investment for all types of homeowners. It is especially cost effective if you install the floor on your own.

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